Equine Cremation

We understand the bond between you and your equine friend.

Facing the loss of a much-loved horse, pony or donkey can be difficult. Our caring team understands your companion is part of your family and deserves dignity and respect when the time comes.

Over the years, we have established an excellent local reputation, with many horse owners trusting us to care for their life-long family companions. We can provide a professional collection service from your private paddock, equine hospital or boarding facility using our specialised equine vehicle.

We are here to help, please speak to us if you need support with arranging a collection and cremation service.

Horse with its family

Equine Individual Cremation

We have dedicated full-size equine cremators that allow us to cremate your beloved pet in a dignified way; you will then be able to choose how you wish to receive your companion’s ashes.

All of our equine individual cremations are certified, and we will present you with a cremation certificate to verify their service.

Equine Communal Cremation

Your horse will be cremated with dignity alongside other equine friends, and token ashes will be scattered in a designated memorial garden in their honour. With communal cremation, you will not have your horse’s ashes returned to you. However, you have the option to request a certificate of communal cremation or a sentimental keepsake.

horse face

Choosing how you would like your companion’s ashes returned to you.

Full Ashes Returned:

The ashes of your horse will be presented in the equine casket or urn of your choice, which you can collect directly from our crematorium. Alternatively, you can let us know if you would like your horse’s ashes returned to your home or veterinary practice.

No Ashes Returned:

If you simply need the reassurance of knowing your companion has been individually cremated, then this option might suit you. We can support you with a range of sentimental memorials or keepsake items to honour the memory of your companion.

Full Ashes Divided:

You have the choice to have individual cremation ashes returned in two or more caskets, which can be shared with co-owners or riders, or, you may decide on having some ashes placed into a scatter tube, and a second casket to keep at home.

All individual cremations are carried out in accordance with our Pet Cremation with Confidence Standards, ensuring the ashes you receive are exclusively those of your horse, pony or donkey.


There are many ways to honour our pets and celebrate their lives, and each goodbye is different. To receive a personalised quote tailored to your wishes please call us today. To give you an indication, and our fixed prices are available to view on our pricing page

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Please contact your local crematorium to start making arrangements for your pet or equine friend’s final farewell, we are always happy to help.

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