Pet Cremation

We understand how difficult this time can be so you can trust us to care for your pet with dignity and compassion.

We appreciate how overwhelming it is to face the loss of a much-loved companion. Our personal services are carried out by a dedicated team, who will look after your pet as if they were part of our own family.

dog being stroked

Individual Cremation

When choosing an individual cremation every pet entrusted to us is cremated individually, we ensure that the ashes you receive are exclusively those of your beloved pet.

Your pet’s ashes can be returned directly to your veterinary practice, and they will contact you when they are ready to be collected. Alternatively, you may wish to bring your pet directly to our crematorium and we can make all the arrangements with you.

  • Your companion is individually cremated; individual cremations are carried out in accordance with Pet Cremation with Confidence Standards ™.
  • Each journey is tracked from the moment we receive your companion into our care.
  • You can choose from a wide range of casket, urns and keepsakes, with a certificate confirming their individual cremation service.
  • We can arrange the transport of your companion.

Communal Cremation

If you choose a communal cremation, your companion will be cremated alongside other pets.

  • Your companion is communally cremated, alongside other pets.
  • You can request a precious keepsake, memorial or communal cremation certificate to verify their service.
  • We can arrange the transport of your companion.
  • Some of our locations offer dedicated memorial gardens, where your pet’s ashes can be scattered.
cat and dog under a blanket
cat and dog under a blanket

Gold Leaf

Our Gold Leaf Service offers personalized home collection and priority cremation for your pet.


There are many ways to honour our pets and celebrate their lives, and each goodbye is different. To receive a personalised quote tailored to your wishes please call us today. To give you an indication, and our fixed prices are available to view on our pricing page

Find your local crematorium

Please contact your local crematorium to start making arrangements for your pet or equine friend’s final farewell, we are always happy to help.

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