Pet Cremation With Confidence

Say Goodbye with peace of mind.

Pet Cremation with Confidence provides assurance that your beloved pet is treated with care and dignity and that ashes returned are exclusively those of your pet. To provide you and your family with the ultimate peace of mind, we adhere to Pet Cremation with Confidence standards for individual cremation. This means we follow a stringent individual cremation process to:

  • Treat your beloved pet with dignity and compassion.
  • Provide a system of verification and quality checks.
  • Ensure that the ashes returned to you are exclusively those of your beloved pet.
  • Offer you and your family the opportunity to celebrate the life of your treasured pet before or after the cremation.

Our Eight Control Checks

1. Tracking System

Your pet is given a unique reference number, which remains with them through the entire cremation process, ensuring reliable identification and complete traceability.

2. Transfer of Care

An Individual Cremation Final Request Form, completed by either your vet or our representative depending on the transfer option you choose, will accompany your pet.

3. Final Farewell

By prior appointment, you may wish to say your final goodbyes at the crematorium and be present at the time of cremation.

4. Details During the Cremation

Prior to the individual cremation, the cremation operator verifies the pet’s details with the Individual Cremation Final Request Form. The date, time and chamber number are logged.

5. Safeguarding Your Pet’s Ashes

The cremated remains are retrieved and cremulated into ash. The Individual Cremation Final Request Form accompanies the ashes.

6. Preparing the Ashes

The pet’s ashes are examined before being placed into your chosen casket or urn.

7. Final Check

A final check of the presented ashes is conducted against the Individual Cremation Final Request Form prior to their return.

8. Returning of Your Pet’s Ashes

If your pet’s ashes are to be returned to your veterinary practice, our representative will document the return at the time of delivery. Alternatively, you may wish to arrange to collect your pet’s ashes from the crematorium.

How We Work

We deliver our service with integrity and understanding and work in accordance with Our Promises, Pet Cremation with Confidence Standards and our operational Standards of Practice for Cremation.

We will act in a manner that reflects the importance of pet bereavement, honour the memory of your much-loved pets, comply with all laws and hold all relevant approvals, licenses and any regulatory exemptions.

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