Gold Leaf

A compassionate personalised Collection Service for your beloved friend

Our Gold Leaf Service provides an option for those who would like a more personal home service or priority collection, where we will collect your beloved pet from your home or veterinary practice within twenty-four hours of receiving your call.

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What is included in our Gold leaf service?

With the highest level of attention, our trained Gold Leaf Representative will gently carry and lay your pet on a comforting mattress or basket in a dedicated vehicle before transporting your pet on their own to the Crematorium for cremation, and to prepare any keepsakes as per your wishes.

If you decide upon an Individual Cremation with our Gold Leaf Service your pet’s ashes will be delivered to your home in person in your chosen casket or urn within three working days, or you may wish to collect them from the Crematorium.

Our Gold Leaf Service is available Monday – Friday, excluding bank holidays.

Please note that the gold leaf service does have a fee attached, to find out more, obtain an exact quote or to make a booking please contact your local crematorium.


There are many ways to honour our pets and celebrate their lives, and each goodbye is different. To receive a personalised quote tailored to your wishes please call us today. To give you an indication, and our fixed prices are available to view on our pricing page

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Please contact your local crematorium to start making arrangements for your pet or equine friend’s final farewell, we are always happy to help.

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